H&R TRAK+ 15MM Wheel Spacers For BMW M2 F87

H&R TRAK+ 15MM Wheel Spacers For BMW M2 F87

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By moving the wheel out from the hub, H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers widen the stance of the vehicle and lower its roll centre. This simple modification increases lateral stability, which in turn provides improved handling, greater safety and of course, a more aggressive, stylish appearance.

H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers that increase the track widening by less than 10mm are flat. Spacers that are larger than this include a lip / hub locator to ensure that the weight of the car does not rest solely on the wheel bolts, but instead spreads the weight onto the axle.

  • 'Perfect fit' hub centric design
  • High strength, light-weight aluminium/magnesium alloy
  • Fit original equipment or aftermarket alloy wheels
  • Precision CNC machined
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • Hard anodised for greater surface hardness and corrosion resistance
  • Supplied in pairs

This is a "DRA System" H&R Spacer, which simply means that the spacer is fitted to the hub using the fastening bolts provided. The wheels can then be fitted using your original wheel bolts. Some smaller DRA System spacers may require you to use shorter bolts than your original equipment bolts. We recommend that you fit the spacer to the back of the wheel to test the bolt length before you fit it to the hub. This will allow you to check that the original bolts don't poke through the back of the spacer.

Please note all H&R Wheel Spacers are supplied in pairs. The price shown is for a pair. It is essential that the spacers you buy are a suitable size for your vehicle. Please measure the space between the wheel arch and the tyre and make sure you leave at least a 5mm gap to ensure the tyre doesn't rub the arch.

Tailor made for your car, these H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers can be fitted by a competent enthusiast or at a professional workshop. Most of our Outlets will be able to offer a fitting service for this product - please contact your local Outlet to find out more.

  • 15mm each side
  • PCD: 120/5
  • DR System
  • Supplied in pairs
  • Please note the image shown is for illustrative purposes only
  • Track Widening: 30mm (15mm each side)
  • Lowest offset is Front: 12mm/Rear: 14mm
  • Centre Bore: 72.5mm
  • M14x1.25 bolts
  • Using the spacers with steel rims is not possible.
  • All DR-Systems require longer wheel-bolts. These have to be ordered separately.
  • Not usable with steel-rims!