H&R TRAK+ 12MM Wheel Spacers For BMW M4 F82

H&R TRAK+ 12MM Wheel Spacers For BMW M4 F82

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By moving the wheel out from the hub, H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers widen the stance of the vehicle and lower its roll centre. This simple modification increases lateral stability, which in turn provides improved handling, greater safety and of course, a more aggressive, stylish appearance.

H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers that increase the track widening by less than 10mm are flat. Spacers that are larger than this include a lip / hub locator to ensure that the weight of the car does not rest solely on the wheel bolts, but instead spreads the weight onto the axle.

  • 'Perfect fit' hub centric design
  • High strength, light-weight aluminium/magnesium alloy
  • Fit original equipment or aftermarket alloy wheels
  • Precision CNC machined
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • Hard anodised for greater surface hardness and corrosion resistance
  • Supplied in pairs

This is a 'DR System' H&R Spacer, which simply means that the spacer fits between the wheel and the hub. You will require new longer bolts with this spacer (supplied separately - these can be added using the dropdown menu above).

Please note all H&R Wheel Spacers are supplied in pairs. The price shown is for a pair. It is essential that the spacers you buy are a suitable size for your vehicle. Please measure the space between the wheel arch and the tyre and make sure you leave at least a 5mm gap to ensure the tyre doesn't rub the arch.

For this wheel spacer, you must measure your hub height and/or inner wheel bevel to ensure it is correct -
maximum wheel hub height of 12mm.

Tailor made for your car, these H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers can be fitted by a competent enthusiast or at a professional workshop. Most of our Outlets will be able to offer a fitting service for this product - please contact your local Outlet to find out more.

  • 12mm each side
  • PCD: 120/5
  • DR System - maximum wheel hub height of 12mm.
  • Supplied in pairs
  • Please note the image shown is for illustrative purposes only
  • Track Widening: 24mm (12mm each side)
  • Lowest offset is 1mm
  • Centre Bore: 72.5mm
  • M14x1.25 bolts
  • All DR-Systems require longer wheel-bolts. These have to be ordered separately.
  • maximum wheel hub height of 12mm. See the product description for more details.
  • Not usable with steel-rims!
  • Only for front axle.